The following are endorsements from both professional musicians and home piano owners who have purchased my services and sent emails of praise. If asked, I can provide several references from music professionals in Chittenden, Franklin & Grand Isle counties that include concert pianists, music teachers, and church musicians and of course, other piano technicians!




Thank you SO much.  My piano sounds like heaven if heaven made sound.  I had such a happy practice session last night.  Also, it's really inspiring to me how committed you are to your work.  I appreciate you coming by. -Claire Black"

Grand Maintenance and light regulation project


I just wanted to tell you that the piano is so amazing.  I can hardly stop playing!!  I just never knew what a difference it would make.  Thank you so much. -Janet"



Thanks very much for tuning the piano earlier this week. We are all enjoying it, even the kids. We really appreciate your service, especially the reminders each year :-)

See you next year. Best wishes to you and your family.


-Jen "

St. Albans Music Studio

“I was in a pickle. The piano technician I had been using to maintain my teaching piano was moving to another state. I had to find a new technician who would keep my piano in excellent working condition for myself as well as my students. I asked other teachers and pianists. Again and again I was directed to, "Roselyn Kinnick". Roselyn is the third technician who has had hands on my piano and is by far the most highly skilled. My piano is beautifully tuned each time she comes and holds the tuning amazingly well. Roselyn has adjusted pedals to make them easier for my students to use, fixed sticky keys in humid weather- even came up with a unique solution to silence a vibrating catch on the front of my piano. I appreciate that Roselyn schedules appointments well in advance, sends reminders and comes to my home when she says she will be there. My experience working with Roselyn has been excellent. I highly recommend her service as a professional piano technician.” 

Cynthia Livingston
St. Albans Music Studio
Professional Piano and Flute Instruction.

Complete Grand Regulation project


Wow, the piano sounds and feels like new! (…)Thanks for all your work and for educating us on what needed to be done! We're very glad to have you now taking care of our piano.

(…)I consider you more than a tuner – you’re the caretaker of our piano! Thanks again so much for all of your work and rehabilitation and care of our piano!" 

Complete Grand Regulation Project

“Every time I play my new & improved piano, I plan to e-mail you to exclaim over the dramatic change in the instrument. But, by the time I finish playing, I usually distract myself with bragging to my husband about the fantastic work you performed on it.

When you said, last year, that you could make this Zimmermann play much like my Steinway in Michigan, I admit I was doubtful. However, all of the many improvements you made to the Zimmermann resulted in its being so far superior to what it had been, it is, indeed, quite similar to the feel and performance of the Steinway. 

And, as always, your tuning work remains exceptional. 

Thank you so very much for all your work on it ... and I love being a benefactor of your skill, knowledge and talent! -D.V.