Service Items & Pricing


Tuning Service —$115.

For pianos that are tuned regularly and have good structural integrity and are in a reasonably stable climate.  I have been tuning pianos professionally for over 15 years. I offer aural tuning service and also have access to the latest technology in professional tuning software. I believe aural tuning is preferable because your piano will be tuned both technically precise and musically. I tune for several music professionals in my service area and they can attest to my tuning prowess.  I use an electronic tuning fork to pitch your piano properly. I tune to equal temperament and I custom build the tuning to match your piano’s potential. In most circumstances I will tune to frequency A=440 Hz. There are circumstances where I may choose to use software if your piano is severely under pitch or if background noise is excessive. 

Pitch Correction Service (in addition to fine tuning)—$30 to $85.

A piano that has not been tuned in a while, or that has been exposed to extreme climate change may be significantly flat or sharp in one or more area of the piano. This service is necessary to attain proper string tension and stability.  The price is contingent upon how far off your piano is from concert pitch, how much time it takes, and the structural integrity of the piano being worked on. For instance, if the center section of the piano needs to be tuned twice but the rest of the piano is pretty close, the additional fee will be $30 (it only takes up to a quarter of an hour extra). If sections of the piano are between 20-30 cents off, the additional fee will likely be $50 (half hour extra). If the piano is more than 50 cents flat, the additional fee will usually be $85. 

Grand Action Maintenance —$370-455* +add ons available

IN HOME Service 

     Eliminates sluggish keys, action clicking, and dirt. I take the action out and service it in your home. Service includes: dry brushing dirt from soundboard, bridges, plate, pin block area, and action cavity; vacuuming keyframe and key mortises; polishing key pins and capstans; treating heel cloth, lubricating knuckles, clean key tops and adjust sustain pedal. 

     Add ons can include extra time for regulation adjustments and other small repairs or adjustments. 

    I use all appropriate lubricants on action cloth and hardware. No grease or gunk will gum up “the gears”! 

*This service does NOT include tuning or any cloth replacement. Any broken parts, loose center pins, old cloth or any other oddity will be assessed on a personal basis and charged separately. Fixing ringing dampers and work on the “back action/damper system” is not included in this service’s price.

Vertical (Upright) Action Maintenance —$285-370* +add ons available

Gets rid of clicks, squeaks, and sluggish keys & dirt. I take out the action and service it in your home. Service includes: cleaning key bed (under keys) tightening screws, polishing key pins, getting rid of squeaks and creaks & pedal adjustments.  Add ons can include extra time for hammer filing/alignment, voicing, lost motion adjustment, key easing, and other small repairs or regulation adjustments. 

Spinet Action Maintenance —$370* +add ons available

Same as “Vertical Action Maintenance" but it takes longer because of the design of the piano

*These services do NOT include tuning, hammer shaping or any cloth or hardware replacement. Any broken parts, loose center pins, old cloth or any other oddity will be assessed on a personal basis and charged separately.  

Other Services offered

  • Grand Piano Complete Action Restoration & Regulation
  • Vertical Piano Complete Action Restoration & Regulation
  • Climate Systems and Installation
  • Replace/Re-glue Keytops
  • Replace Key Bushings
  • Bridle Strap Replacement
  • Action Repining
  • Flange Replacement
  • Part Re-gluing
  • Cloth/Felt Replacement
  • Bridge repair
  • Restringing
  • Key Cleaning